Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage: This type of massage is designed to boost your immune system and help relieve aches and pains from daily life. The source of this deep work is Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. This combination allows you to have a tailor-made massage according to your needs, but always with the attention to the internal rhythms of the body. With the use of long relaxing strokes, which are combined with pressure work on specific areas. It is a very thorough treatment and you will leave feeling completely relaxed and de-stressed, invigorated and energised. Focus areas; Back, Shoulders, Neck, Legs, Arms & Feet.

Pregnancy: As a therapist I am extremely passion and focused on pre natal and post natal treatment. Massage during pregnancy is a great way to prepare for the birth of your new child. Certain techniques are modified for the purpose of pre and post natal massage, to suit the needs of pregnant women. It is a gentle treatment that will relieve muscular tension, especially to the back & feet. Aiding in;

  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Improving sleep
  • Can increase flow of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus  
  • Relieves muscle tension, back pain
  • Enhancing immunity and circulation
  • More energy, less fatigue
  • Improving appearance of stretch marks 

Chinese Cupping Therapy: Cupping is a very old Chinese practice wherein cups are applied on top of skin surface, resulting in local congestion. It is a type of deep tissue massage wherein the pressure contained in the cups is lowered with the help of either heat or suction. This technique helps to release toxins, improve varicose veins and stretch-marks. Benefits: Improves blood circulation, Stimulates digestive system, Clears blockages in the colon, Aids to activate the lymphatic system, Helps to release toxins, Improves flexibility, Helps to treat many diseases. This therapy has traditionally been used for the treatment of many diseases like colds, high blood pressure, high fever, sciatica, joint pains, muscle spasms, stiff shoulders, arteriosclerosis, lung infections, and strokes. 

Hot/Cold Stone Massage: If you have never experienced this unique indulgence, you owe yourself this exquisite moment. Hot Stone Massage Therapy is a type of massage using specially heated volcanic lava stones, combined with Swedish-style massage movements, which has healing properties for both skin and muscles. Benefits of Hot Stone: Stimulate blood and lymph circulation, Ease muscular aches and pains, Promote stress relief, Promote relaxation & sense of wellbeing, Increase metabolism Benefits of Cold Stone: Stimulate and refresh mind and body, Reduce swelling and fluid retention, Reduce tissue congestion, Ease sinus problems, Ease muscular aches and pains One thing most people say after a hot stone massage therapy session is that they sleep really well the night after treatment and always look forward to going back. Hot Stone massage makes you feel deeply relaxed, allowing you to let go of all the stress and tension that is held within your body. 

Baby Massage Workshop: You will learn a massage sequence for the legs, tummy, chest, arms, face and back, a special colic routine and some simple baby stretches. You will be the only one massaging your baby - I will use a demonstration doll. Private groups can be arranged in your own home - minimum of 5 sets of babies and parents (max depending on space).  Baby massage is useful to

  • Improve the baby's immune system  
  • Help the infant to relax
  • Promote sounder and longer sleep
  • Promote bonding(verbal and non-verbal communication is developed)
  • Regulate digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Relieve pain and discomfort from gas and colic, congestion and teething
  • Help the production of endorphins, which relieves stress.

The benefits for parents are also apparent, as a special focused time is allocated for massage, which can deepen bonding. This can be especially useful for mothers with post partum depression and teenage mothers who are having difficulty developing parenting skills.